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Liberty Management Contact & All Forms

Our Liberty Property Management contact is Susan Farrow (Susan.Farrow@LibertyCM.com).
You may contact her for any information regarding the Pavilion, OR go to the Liberty Management website.

For all forms go to the Liberty Management site (ARC Request, Pavilion Rental...).

Pool Information

Pool and Lifeguard Hours
FRI & SAT 10AM-10PM w/ Lifeguard 12PM-10PM
SUN-THU 10AM-9PM w/ Lifeguard 12PM-9PM

Residents will use the same bracelets this year as last-- no new ones. Replacements are $25, $50 for additional. Contact Nicole Miller at Liberty Management.

News from my committees:

  • Social Committee: Stay in touch with the Highland Oaks Facebook Group

HOA Board & Members

Doug Hawkins (President / Facilities)


Terry Tippins (Vice-President / ARC)


Position Not Filled (Vice-President / Pool)



Guido Walther (Treasurer)


Mohammad Zaheer (Secretary)


Rene Hordines(Tennis and Social)


Gordon Seeler (Website)


Chris Weaver (COPS)


Susan Farrow (Liberty Management)


Tennis Courts

ALTA teams are required to submit team rosters and non-resident fees currently in effect in order to reserve tennis courts for practices or games.
Residents may also reserve tennis courts for up to two hours at a time.
Every Thursday night at 7:00PM men's team practices.
Tennis court reservations may be made through our Tennis Liaison (tennis@myhighlandoaks.com).

Mailbox Information

If you have damage to you mailbox, need replacement numbers, or have any questions about the mailboxes that our community has adopted as its standard, please contact Mailbox Replacements at 770-436-6198 or addressesofdistinction.com.

We use the Imperial Mailbox System model #610kb that includes a two year materials guarantee.

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